FR: A quick decision

Last weekend I was home enjoying the comforts of my newly acquired apartment when I decided to go through my phone book of numbers from the last 3 months. I get a response from the girl I met on new years eve; and I’m super excited.

After a series of texts, she invites me to a bar. I decided I’m going but, at the same time, I realize I have no way to get there and decide to walk. I grab all my shit in hurry to catch the last bus only to realize it’s snowing….. Fuck.

Before my brain could even rationalize on how convenient it would be to stay home, I changed shoes and started walking. After a treacherous 35 minutes, I shiver my way through the bar door to see her sitting there with three of her fat friends (four total.) FFUUCCKK….

So now what? This would be the second time I’ve seen her since the day we’ve met on the bus. I took 5 minutes to undressed and proceed to take a piss. (oh yeaa, massive action..)

Upon return, I swooped in and tapped her on the shoulder and immediately began to introduce myself to all of her weird ass friends. We exchanged hellos, jokes, and looks. I wish my memory was better. Giving all my readers more details is always my priority, but sadly, I was high as shit and struggling to keep my head straight while talking to her. I do vaguely remember a moment where I was trying to compliment her, but it came out completely wrong and she asked, “What do you mean? Is that like and insult or compliment.” It and I almost blew myself out of the water.

I recovered and then caught a moment and went in for the kiss in front of the friends I just met moments ago. (A first time I can say iit felt totally comfortable and confident.) I proceed to compliment her looks and proceed to pull her. For once, it went smoothly.

We walked a few blocks before I threw her in the snow. đŸ˜‰ After about 10mins of snowie shenanigans, I finally got a hold of a cab. We cuddled for the 10min cab ride and then shuffled on inside my 2 month old place. I show her around (which is just a joke in itself because the place is smaller than a petting zoo) and let her preview a recording of a rock band I’d done earlier in the day. I turn on a movie and her head was already in my lap.

We rip each other’s clothes off and HIYO!! bang-time 2013. She spends the night and keeps me ever so toasty. It was truly a moment to cherish.

Consider the apartment christened roomie,



FR: First Day of “Work”

Sup ya’ll. Hope all is well.

Just wanted to take this down time to post some field reports from the past 2 months. Enjoii!!


I’ve been unemployed for about 3 months at the time of this event because I work seasonally. That said, I’ve been trying to lock down some sort of bar-tending job for the winter to support my healthy addictions. To make a long and pointless story short, opportunity met my preparation and I was able to train at a upscale restaurant close to my home for 4 days. (fuckin ShweEt!!)

The first night of training, some of the coworker’s girl friends came in for some late night drinks about an hour before we closed. One of them was a cute, petite, short-haired, brunette with the cutest little Bronx attitude. A solid 8 with a well put together body. The other was a replica of “Java the Hut”.

Conversation is going great and jokes are rolling of the brain. Everyone, including my hot coworker is totally loving the vibe. I capitalize and suggest we go out for some drinks after our shift. The girls call a cab and before I knew it, we’re on our way to the local bar.

As we’re traveling in the cab to the bar, I’m entertaining the fatty and my coworker with useless stories from my past when my girl starts to complain. She says she isn’t feeling well and attempts to change the destination. I put my arm around her to start the escalation process and diffuse the issue by prolonging the discussion until we arrived at the original destination.

We walk out the cab and into the bar. There is not a soul inside; the place is fucking dead. It’s never in favor to walk into a dead bar with 3 girls. They get bored way to easily but I guess this will be the challenge for the evening. We order drinks as I try to continue to move things into the right direction.

I start chatting with my girl who at this point is annoyed that we’re out. (Lame bratty diva behavior…) I start dancing with her slowly; smoothly. She lightens up enough to talk. I ask her not to be sad for me while staring deeply into her eyes. I see the attraction in her eyes and go in for the kiss. She melts into it and nestles up into my shoulder. She starts getting sucked into the frame, but as quickly as she starts to let go of her reality, she snaps back into a panic and storms outside to hail a cab.

I blow past Jaba and the coworker and follow her outside. Not really sure what to do here, so I try to kiss her again but she wasn’t having it. Things get intense but I’m persistent so when she gets in the cab, I hop in with her and try to get the driver to take us for some food. She wasn’t having it… I get frustrated on the inside and wonder, “Why am I wasting my time here.” But then I look at her cute button nose and other facial features and remember how much fun this is and realize I’m having a blast lol.

I flip the script on her by telling her she’s acting super weird which make things work but more dramatic. When she starts rationalizing and creating excuses about her shitty behavior, I apologize for making her feel this way and motion to the driver to let me out. She realizes what she’s done and in the midst of intense moments, (a.k.a. my foot hanging out the moving car door, asks for my number. Lol silly girls.

I get back to the bar of origin to find that the other two have left a moment after I walked in… Oh well… Maybe next time. After all, persistence always wins!

Lessons Learned:

You won’t always pull and get laid but by having the confidence to move things in the right direction and persisting until the very end, you never know what’s going to happen!


FR: New Years Eve 2012

Sup guys. Happy New Year. I’m trying to stay on top of going out but I’ve been on my financial game and my new years resolutions. It’s been taking priority over my time and I haven’t been going out as consistently as I’d like to be. With time and more capital, there will be my reports but until then’ here is my most recent pickup. Enjoy and please comment.


It’s December 31st, 2012 and I’ve already spent most of it visiting family. I had a few plans for the night, but all of them crumbled after realizing I’m totally broke. I let it get to me and decide I’m in to much of a bad mood to deal with the overwhelming crowds Manhattan. So I say good night to my grandparents and head for the bus home when I spot a cutie from the neighborhood waiting for the bus.

I feel myself trying to think of what to say to impress her and approach anxiety begins to kick, so I make a phone call to one of my friends to distract me from my thoughts. Immediately after I hung up with him, I look right at her, gaze deeply into her pupils, and spark conversation.

I steer the conversation into the topic of flakes, kids from the neighborhood, and her nightly plans. I can see the attraction building in her but I noticed the hysteria coming over me. I’ve gone out enough at this point to maintain a cool, relaxed vibe but it’s still a challenge to use it positively.

As I’m trying not to be filled with such nervous excitement, she offers to share her bottle of Jameson with me. I take a swig and resume conversation. I begin to add some playful jokes and attempt to flirt a little. She’s smiling with the anime eyes.

The bus arrives so we board the bus. We share a joined seat and I begin to ask her chode-like questions. As her stop neared, she decides to take my number down [shaWeeT]. I found it interesting when she chose to store me as “Steve 8 bus”… Silly females đŸ˜‰ We part ways and I’m left satisfied with the one approach I took action upon despite my shitty mood.

The interaction was great and I felt I did my job of putting my personality out there enough to minimize the chance of getting another flake number.

I sent her a happy news years text and she responded. I’ve been in good positive communication with her for two weeks. Now let`s see if I can get her on a day two.


21st Bday Adventure

I went out for my brother’s 21st bday. We had a blast but, on to the details.

My night began with my brother leaving me flat without a ride to the pregame destination. I was left to. Yeah… talk about a SHITTY start to the night… It totally put me inside my head and caused me to rationalize the value of even going out. In the midst of these thoughts, my brother’s girlfriend calls to offer me a ride (my savior!) They pick me up shortly after.

We arrive at my friend’s crib to people playing beer pong and greeting us with a warm welcome. I begin to introduce myself to everyone I didn’t know guy and girl and then grab a beer. The night was young at this point, so I did my best to just be chill and chat with the people I knew, and get to know the people I didn’t.

Fast forward to 2 1/2 hours later, we arrive at partaayy destination. At this point, I’ve had so much to drink that I didn’t even make it passed the bouncer without hitting on some of the other girls outside our group.

I go downstairs to see my brother talking to some girls he had just met (a 6 and a 7). He introduces me and I pick my target. The set goes well:

Bro: “Hey have you met my brother? He’s 23 and here to celebrate with us”Me: “Hey ladies, I’m Steve nice to meet you.”
Girl 2: “You guys don’t look like brothers.”

Immediate shit test.. I proceed to look her in the eye with disdain.

Me: “Who are you?”
Girl 1: “I’m blah and this blah blah derp.”
Me: “Cool, lets dance.”

We dance hand in hand  and I tell a few jokes making them laugh. Then I run out of things to say and it just stops being fun. I eject to go find something better; they were boring the hell out of me.

The night carries on and towards the end of it all, I begin to take a liking to my brothers gf’s bestie (she’s a 7). So I roll with it. 3 hours pass and I’m in the zone. As we’re leaving the bar I’m constantly teasing her and being playful. About 30mins later, they decide to grab some food. Just before we enter the restaurant, I grab her hand, spin her into my person, and look her deep in the eye. As stoically as I could I say, “Where are you goin’..” and finish with a smile and a deep gaze. She’s giggling and totally catching the vibe.

I start to whisper in her ear what I want to do to her when she get’s back and I’m just watching as it’s totally turning her on. (glorious.) It was so on at this point that I make the signal for the group of 12 to head toward the train when life happened…

First, we get on a wrong train which turned our 5 min walk in 2 hours? I’m already thinking “fuck this shit..” Then, my bro and his gf begin to drunkenly argue intensely fighting over nothing, totally distracting the bestie from keeping her eyes on me. I eventually frame control her back into my reality but there is only so much you can control..

We get back the crib at around 6am and I leave my target for 5 mins to take a piss and to find an empty room. Upon my return, and to my surprise, someone she knew out of the group decides to leave and agrees to give her a lift back to her home. Talk about a sad state of affairs.

I was annoyed and frustrated but I let it go and just tried to find a comfortable location to sleep.


Lessons learned?

Things can change in the blink of an eye. Take the proper actions to minimize the time for situations to arise that are beyond your control and don’t give a fuck what other people think of the actions you take to do so.