21st Bday Adventure

I went out for my brother’s 21st bday. We had a blast but, on to the details.

My night began with my brother leaving me flat without a ride to the pregame destination. I was left to. Yeah… talk about a SHITTY start to the night… It totally put me inside my head and caused me to rationalize the value of even going out. In the midst of these thoughts, my brother’s girlfriend calls to offer me a ride (my savior!) They pick me up shortly after.

We arrive at my friend’s crib to people playing beer pong and greeting us with a warm welcome. I begin to introduce myself to everyone I didn’t know guy and girl and then grab a beer. The night was young at this point, so I did my best to just be chill and chat with the people I knew, and get to know the people I didn’t.

Fast forward to 2 1/2 hours later, we arrive at partaayy destination. At this point, I’ve had so much to drink that I didn’t even make it passed the bouncer without hitting on some of the other girls outside our group.

I go downstairs to see my brother talking to some girls he had just met (a 6 and a 7). He introduces me and I pick my target. The set goes well:

Bro: “Hey have you met my brother? He’s 23 and here to celebrate with us”Me: “Hey ladies, I’m Steve nice to meet you.”
Girl 2: “You guys don’t look like brothers.”

Immediate shit test.. I proceed to look her in the eye with disdain.

Me: “Who are you?”
Girl 1: “I’m blah and this blah blah derp.”
Me: “Cool, lets dance.”

We dance hand in hand  and I tell a few jokes making them laugh. Then I run out of things to say and it just stops being fun. I eject to go find something better; they were boring the hell out of me.

The night carries on and towards the end of it all, I begin to take a liking to my brothers gf’s bestie (she’s a 7). So I roll with it. 3 hours pass and I’m in the zone. As we’re leaving the bar I’m constantly teasing her and being playful. About 30mins later, they decide to grab some food. Just before we enter the restaurant, I grab her hand, spin her into my person, and look her deep in the eye. As stoically as I could I say, “Where are you goin’..” and finish with a smile and a deep gaze. She’s giggling and totally catching the vibe.

I start to whisper in her ear what I want to do to her when she get’s back and I’m just watching as it’s totally turning her on. (glorious.) It was so on at this point that I make the signal for the group of 12 to head toward the train when life happened…

First, we get on a wrong train which turned our 5 min walk in 2 hours? I’m already thinking “fuck this shit..” Then, my bro and his gf begin to drunkenly argue intensely fighting over nothing, totally distracting the bestie from keeping her eyes on me. I eventually frame control her back into my reality but there is only so much you can control..

We get back the crib at around 6am and I leave my target for 5 mins to take a piss and to find an empty room. Upon my return, and to my surprise, someone she knew out of the group decides to leave and agrees to give her a lift back to her home. Talk about a sad state of affairs.

I was annoyed and frustrated but I let it go and just tried to find a comfortable location to sleep.


Lessons learned?

Things can change in the blink of an eye. Take the proper actions to minimize the time for situations to arise that are beyond your control and don’t give a fuck what other people think of the actions you take to do so.



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