FR: A quick decision

Last weekend I was home enjoying the comforts of my newly acquired apartment when I decided to go through my phone book of numbers from the last 3 months. I get a response from the girl I met on new years eve; and I’m super excited.

After a series of texts, she invites me to a bar. I decided I’m going but, at the same time, I realize I have no way to get there and decide to walk. I grab all my shit in hurry to catch the last bus only to realize it’s snowing….. Fuck.

Before my brain could even rationalize on how convenient it would be to stay home, I changed shoes and started walking. After a treacherous 35 minutes, I shiver my way through the bar door to see her sitting there with three of her fat friends (four total.) FFUUCCKK….

So now what? This would be the second time I’ve seen her since the day we’ve met on the bus. I took 5 minutes to undressed and proceed to take a piss. (oh yeaa, massive action..)

Upon return, I swooped in and tapped her on the shoulder and immediately began to introduce myself to all of her weird ass friends. We exchanged hellos, jokes, and looks. I wish my memory was better. Giving all my readers more details is always my priority, but sadly, I was high as shit and struggling to keep my head straight while talking to her. I do vaguely remember a moment where I was trying to compliment her, but it came out completely wrong and she asked, “What do you mean? Is that like and insult or compliment.” It and I almost blew myself out of the water.

I recovered and then caught a moment and went in for the kiss in front of the friends I just met moments ago. (A first time I can say iit felt totally comfortable and confident.) I proceed to compliment her looks and proceed to pull her. For once, it went smoothly.

We walked a few blocks before I threw her in the snow. 😉 After about 10mins of snowie shenanigans, I finally got a hold of a cab. We cuddled for the 10min cab ride and then shuffled on inside my 2 month old place. I show her around (which is just a joke in itself because the place is smaller than a petting zoo) and let her preview a recording of a rock band I’d done earlier in the day. I turn on a movie and her head was already in my lap.

We rip each other’s clothes off and HIYO!! bang-time 2013. She spends the night and keeps me ever so toasty. It was truly a moment to cherish.

Consider the apartment christened roomie,



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