My name will remain unknown for privacy and security, unless of course we’ve sarged together in person. In which case, you already know who I am 🙂

I’m a 23 year old white dude, born and raised by my parents in a small town residing in New York. As a child I was very naturally confident. My father forced me to play sports and work for his construction company at the age of 12.

From the ages of 16 – 21 I was involved in 3 separate relationships which I had settled for because they were really hot girls and I was the horny little “nice guy with and edge.” (All 3 relationships were ended by my own choice.) By the end of my 3rd, and most strenuous relationship, I was introduced to Real Social Dynamics by a friend. I studied it for awhile but fell into a deep depression due to my destroyed confidence, failed relationships, family matters, car accidents, the over use of marijuana, and my inability to deal with it all. I have no body to blame but myself.


I’m emotionally tired of being me. I want to change and become more independent both financially and emotionally. I want the confidence I had when I was younger child. I want to become the super cool money making entrepreneur/worldly traveler, who has the skills to seduce the women of his choosing. I’ll record the progress of my seduction skills here.

Please feel free to leave comments, feed back questions; as I’ll always be updating and checking this page.


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