FR: First Day of “Work”

Sup ya’ll. Hope all is well.

Just wanted to take this down time to post some field reports from the past 2 months. Enjoii!!


I’ve been unemployed for about 3 months at the time of this event because I work seasonally. That said, I’ve been trying to lock down some sort of bar-tending job for the winter to support my healthy addictions. To make a long and pointless story short, opportunity met my preparation and I was able to train at a upscale restaurant close to my home for 4 days. (fuckin ShweEt!!)

The first night of training, some of the coworker’s girl friends came in for some late night drinks about an hour before we closed. One of them was a cute, petite, short-haired, brunette with the cutest little Bronx attitude. A solid 8 with a well put together body. The other was a replica of “Java the Hut”.

Conversation is going great and jokes are rolling of the brain. Everyone, including my hot coworker is totally loving the vibe. I capitalize and suggest we go out for some drinks after our shift. The girls call a cab and before I knew it, we’re on our way to the local bar.

As we’re traveling in the cab to the bar, I’m entertaining the fatty and my coworker with useless stories from my past when my girl starts to complain. She says she isn’t feeling well and attempts to change the destination. I put my arm around her to start the escalation process and diffuse the issue by prolonging the discussion until we arrived at the original destination.

We walk out the cab and into the bar. There is not a soul inside; the place is fucking dead. It’s never in favor to walk into a dead bar with 3 girls. They get bored way to easily but I guess this will be the challenge for the evening. We order drinks as I try to continue to move things into the right direction.

I start chatting with my girl who at this point is annoyed that we’re out. (Lame bratty diva behavior…) I start dancing with her slowly; smoothly. She lightens up enough to talk. I ask her not to be sad for me while staring deeply into her eyes. I see the attraction in her eyes and go in for the kiss. She melts into it and nestles up into my shoulder. She starts getting sucked into the frame, but as quickly as she starts to let go of her reality, she snaps back into a panic and storms outside to hail a cab.

I blow past Jaba and the coworker and follow her outside. Not really sure what to do here, so I try to kiss her again but she wasn’t having it. Things get intense but I’m persistent so when she gets in the cab, I hop in with her and try to get the driver to take us for some food. She wasn’t having it… I get frustrated on the inside and wonder, “Why am I wasting my time here.” But then I look at her cute button nose and other facial features and remember how much fun this is and realize I’m having a blast lol.

I flip the script on her by telling her she’s acting super weird which make things work but more dramatic. When she starts rationalizing and creating excuses about her shitty behavior, I apologize for making her feel this way and motion to the driver to let me out. She realizes what she’s done and in the midst of intense moments, (a.k.a. my foot hanging out the moving car door, asks for my number. Lol silly girls.

I get back to the bar of origin to find that the other two have left a moment after I walked in… Oh well… Maybe next time. After all, persistence always wins!

Lessons Learned:

You won’t always pull and get laid but by having the confidence to move things in the right direction and persisting until the very end, you never know what’s going to happen!