FR: New Years Eve 2012

Sup guys. Happy New Year. I’m trying to stay on top of going out but I’ve been on my financial game and my new years resolutions. It’s been taking priority over my time and I haven’t been going out as consistently as I’d like to be. With time and more capital, there will be my reports but until then’ here is my most recent pickup. Enjoy and please comment.


It’s December 31st, 2012 and I’ve already spent most of it visiting family. I had a few plans for the night, but all of them crumbled after realizing I’m totally broke. I let it get to me and decide I’m in to much of a bad mood to deal with the overwhelming crowds Manhattan. So I say good night to my grandparents and head for the bus home when I spot a cutie from the neighborhood waiting for the bus.

I feel myself trying to think of what to say to impress her and approach anxiety begins to kick, so I make a phone call to one of my friends to distract me from my thoughts. Immediately after I hung up with him, I look right at her, gaze deeply into her pupils, and spark conversation.

I steer the conversation into the topic of flakes, kids from the neighborhood, and her nightly plans. I can see the attraction building in her but I noticed the hysteria coming over me. I’ve gone out enough at this point to maintain a cool, relaxed vibe but it’s still a challenge to use it positively.

As I’m trying not to be filled with such nervous excitement, she offers to share her bottle of Jameson with me. I take a swig and resume conversation. I begin to add some playful jokes and attempt to flirt a little. She’s smiling with the anime eyes.

The bus arrives so we board the bus. We share a joined seat and I begin to ask her chode-like questions. As her stop neared, she decides to take my number down [shaWeeT]. I found it interesting when she chose to store me as “Steve 8 bus”… Silly females 😉 We part ways and I’m left satisfied with the one approach I took action upon despite my shitty mood.

The interaction was great and I felt I did my job of putting my personality out there enough to minimize the chance of getting another flake number.

I sent her a happy news years text and she responded. I’ve been in good positive communication with her for two weeks. Now let`s see if I can get her on a day two.